Monday, 16 September 2013

Back, but not really!

Six months on, and distinct lack of posts. The truth is making your own selections is distinctively more time consuming than I had allocated to it. It was also not the solution for my betting as while a profit was gained, there was not enough turnover without enormous bets.

What it did highlight is which areas I am strong at (and obviously weak ones too). In terms of strengths, I made a lot of money with winning margin bets, notably 1 goal home wins and dutching 1 and 2 goal margins. The other more successful football areas were doubles and anytime goal scorers.

Areas of weakness were definitely asian handicaps and over/under bets, as well as straight 1X2 selections. In fact, my struggles with these types of bets gave me a nudge back towards portfolio betting, but more of that later.

The other sporting area that went well was top class racing, particularly National Hunt.

So where are we now? Well to a certain extent I have gone full circle with add ons. Following a portfolio of tipsters can be very rewarding but can take over your life somewhat. Having no control of when selections arrive is doable in this mobile age but after a while dominates your life! I have endeavoured to set up a portfolio that is easy to follow both in terms of getting the money on and having a set time for bet delivery. I have also concentrated mainly on football so there is a quiet period through the summer (although not dead).

So how is it made up?

The football Analyst
THe Football Investor
Football Elite
Summer of Football

I must admit while I was in the relative novice stage, I struggled with TFA and FI, and had a preference for the more analytical tipsters such as FE and SoF. While I still benefit from these types of write-ups, I am now more interested in turnover and ROC above my education, although that is by no means over.

In fact I would go so far to say I am most excited by TFA and FI, especially as both have custom made portfolios to my needs and targets. I am also sticking to these services as, on the whole they have regular posting times, doing away with the rather inhibiting random bet chasing at all times of the day.

I am also devoting a small fraction of my bankroll to my own selections, primarily on my football winning margins but also with top class jumps racing.

I stated in the title that I was back, but not really and the reason is I have no interest in being a tipster but feel that the blog can keep me focused and allow me to put the thoughts and ideas down that often drift away into the ether. Also since Rowan's move to gallops live, his handy blog roll is less useful as I don't go there as often (only for links). I am sure I could just set up a RSS feed but I will give this blogging malarkey another go!

I also, in the next few weeks, plan to set up two more blogs that focus on my part of the betting portfolio. These are not intended as tipping sites, just as a store of ideas and research, and again useful blogs/links.

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