Sunday, 22 September 2013

That didn't go to plan

I mentioned on Friday that there was a lot down, unfortunately most of it has ended up in the bookies satchel (or eWallet). Futbol-24 updates on my phone were not making an afternoon children's birthday party go any quicker, although, for a short while, Middlesborough did look like they were about to put the TFA bets into profit.

Anyway I don't want to dwell on the negatives as there were some positives among the carnage. 
Noteably I felt I coped psychologically with some of the biggest individual bets I have ever placed - yes, they did lose, so properly tested.

Rather than put a P&L on the weekend, I want to share where the portfolio is standing, taking the start of August as a logical starting point. As I mentioned 3 or 4 posts ago it consists of two systems, TFA and FI, and three more analytical systems, namely Skeeve, SoF and FE. I also run my own selections, favouring one or two goal victories for strong favourites.

So far this season Summer of Football is streaking ahead:

Rank Tipster Staked (pts) P/L ROI ROC
1 SoF 33 14 42% 35%
2 Me! 33 3.7 11% 9.25%
3 FI 4 -0.4 -10% -0.40%
4 FE 7 -3.15 -45% -6.30%
5 Skeeve 44 -13.4 -30% -17%
6 TFA 100 -24 -24% -24%

Overall I have lost £865 on turnover of just over £20k. Not the end of the world by any means, especially as only one of the commercial tipsters is in profit. My major worry is the imbalance caused by the number of bets generated by TFA. In terms of bank size for each portfolio, they are relatively evenly balanced but this is definitely not the case for turnover. This service is also generating the biggest bet sizes, with the maximum possible bet (11 separate system selections on a home team - take note Blackburn, you owe me!) is nearly three times the maximum that would be bet on any other service.

So onwards and upwards, I have no doubt that FI will start churning out the bets soon to balance things out and FE is certain to be more productive once there is enough form in the bank. I would like to add that I found Matt's weekend punting pack very interesting and will be looking to use his A/E tables in aiding my selections.
Keep the faith, all that have been through this weekend, judging by twitter there have been a few!

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