Saturday, 9 February 2013

The irony and Saturdays selection

I mentioned in my last post that Football Elite's change in strategy had piqued my interest, but I must admit I was a little disappointed when Matt mentioned that the increased number of bets would lead to a drop in write ups. I quite understand Matt's justification of time pressures and a dislike of writing, although I find his analysis very well explained, but I can never get into a service to the same level without an understanding of why selections are made.

I have subscribed to both Football Investor and The Football Analyst and while I have no doubt in their ability, my mentality makes it very hard to get through the rough patches when I don't fully understand why they are making the selections - beyond the hours of analysis and algorithms etc! I remember losing interest in Sportyy when Dani cut back dramatically the number of write ups and found myself not renewing my subscription.

Don't get me wrong, I don't feel the service is any worse for profitability without detailed analysis but both in terms of confidently placing the bets and learning from the experience of a professional I would prefer to have it.

It is therefore with great regret and no little irony that I have to welch out on the write ups myself for Saturday's bets due to a lack of time. I will endeavour to explain after the weekend my reasoning. I have grouped the bets by type rather than league.

Dutched selctions (all total £50)
Tottenham to beat Newcastle by 1 or 2 goals - 3.75 and 5
Burnley to beat Bolton by 1 and score draw -

Win/Asian Handicap
£50 Hannover to beat Hoffenheim 2.25
£50 Frankfurt -0.75 to beat Nuremberg 2.11
£45 Levante to beat Malaga 2.62

Winning margin (all £30)
Norwich to beat Fulham by 1 4.00
(Sydney to beat Brisbane by 1 5.00 - mentioned yesterday)
£25 Swansea - QPR 3.69
£10 0-0 11.5 in above match

HT Draw
£45 Sunderland - Arsenal 2.25

Hopefully will have more time for write-ups tomorrow. Best of luck with your choices.

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